Apoorv Tomar

Let’s discuss what are some of the realistic goals that have the potential to become your new year resolution.

We are always curious of doing something different, unique with each consequent new year. Unfortunately many of us are not strong willed to stick with those new year resolutions. …

Understand the logic behind website DNS resolution and never get amused again!

So, whenever we type any URL on our browser, have you ever wondered what actually happens? Even though we are used to the fact that whenever we want to search anything on google, we do so by typing google.com and we can look for our query.

Now the question arises…

Live life how you want too, not how it comes to you.

Let’s start this article with a question. Where does this 10000 steps mark comes from, this is a question that tends to bother me. Who came up with this benchmark, and is it the same standard for everyone.

Probably we won’t go much deep inside the concept behind the number…

An Indian historic saga which will give you an all new perspective about growth in your life.

Let us learn about the key lessons that we can take from great Mahabharata.

If you are not aware about Mahabharata it’s integral part of Indian history in which we have lot to learn spiritually and morally. There happened many big warriors from whom we can take lessons regarding our…

Apoorv Tomar

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