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Apoorv Tomar

I heartily, invite you to explore my medium post, I assure you that the experience would be unprecedented(A new word that I learned since it was widely used in Corona).

You will find my content, having an amalgamation of Technology, fit life, and self-growth. A lot of learning that I have gained through my experience and reading about different new concepts and practicing them in my life.
In my blogs, I try to explain the concepts and logic behind anything I am trying to convey so that once you read it, it can stay with you throughout your life.

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Sometimes we all become worried about wasting our time while commuting long-distance regularly for whatever reason. It is daunting for almost everyone but even more for productive people. For productive individuals, it’s not always about the energy that is wasted, but more about the time which is not very well utilized.

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

They are always thinking about the things which can be done in that time, which is wasted while traveling. Life is too short for wasting even a single minute not doing something good. …

Learning Java in an unusual way.

Java spring is a famous framework used to build web applications on top of Java EE. Java EE stands for Enterprise edition, which is community-driven enterprise software. Java EE has contributions from industry experts, commercial, community, and open-source contributions. It can be used with any Java application. After years of coding using different scripting languages like JavaScript and Python, I felt the urge to learn the concept of Java once again.

Java Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we will exploring the concept of Java Spring framework by developing a basic rest full service in which we will expose few endpoints related to Camera…

Mental fitness will lead to physical fitness.

Nowadays everyone is tensed in some way or the other. Some are tensed about their career, others about their life. We all must have heard about the fact of living in the moment, and not get worried about the past or future. Since we cannot do much about the past but surely living in the present will help us in making our future good. But overthinking will kill more dreams than achieve them and leads to tension.

Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer on Unsplash

There is this saying from a monk that we shouldn’t restrict our minds, since it has the capacity to think even while we…

Building the scalable app using Node JS and Nginx.

NodeJS event-driven Javascript runtime is currently used by many infamous organizations like

  • PayPal.
  • NASA.
  • eBay.
  • Medium.
  • Paytm.

Apart from all the technical advantages, one of the other advantages of NodeJS it is very quick to implement. Just with a few lines of code you can simply spin up a server and start serving easy rest API.

For most of us reaching this article, I expect are already aware of the process involved in spinning up a simple Node JS server. But after taking a couple of interviews I came across the concept that developers are still confused about how can…

Are we really advanced, if you are just trapped by Technology?

Let me start this by asking all of you critical questions, the answer to which you can keep in your mind.

In which decade were you born?

If the answer is before the start of the 21st century then I will say you are amongst the lucky ones who have seen life as more than just technology.

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

Today the fight is between technology and the time, which once is trying to kill other is still unknown. …

Career growth guide graduates should be taught in Colleges.

While starting a career it is very important to have a guided tour about a sketch of what your life might look like. Schools most of the time have a curriculum that teaches you about the theoretical aspect of the work you have opted for, which is equally important.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

But it is also important to understand the path that you should follow to make sure that’s your professional career fly like a rocket. We all know that not everybody is destined to climb the success ladder. The major reason behind that is an unwillingness to learn.

In this article, we…

An emotional encounter of my muscles and the gym. Keep your tissues ready.

Till now we all have seen the hard side of the pandemic. If a couple of years ago we would have said, that one day all the airlines, industries, shops, offices, everything would be closed on the entire planet, we would have made us look foolish. Most of us had spent a lot of time in our homes, away from our usual routine of going to the office, doing business, visiting gyms, etc. It is really scary that during the pandemic people have lost a lot on their health.

Created by Author using Canva.

So like many fitness enthusiasts, even I continued to spend an…

Just to be safe, let's be aware of the technical functioning of Pegasus Spyware.

Israeli Cyber arms firm NSO Group developed the Pegasus spyware. The agenda behind pegasus was to help Israel to win over their potentials threats, which may harm their security.

Edited by Author original photo by Alberto Rodríguez Santana on Unsplash

In this article we will be understanding the Pegasus Spyware's technical functioning since we already have a lot of content available about the basics of the Pegasus spyware. For those who are totally unaware about the pegasus spyware, the next few paragraphs will be covering that.

About: Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus spyware is said to most dangerous spyware attack due to the reason that this does not require any sort of user interaction for infecting…

Should developers really be worried about GitHub Copilot? Maybe not

Photo by Westwind Air Service on Unsplash

There is this new tool in the software development domain, for which every software developer is curious. Since many of them are even worried if this will come as a devil to snatch our development jobs. The strange thing about this is that the tool is developed by a couple of developers, and it is responsible for creating self-doubt in the mind of the rest of the developers. Sound astonishing!

The Github Copilot as the name suggests is considered to be working as your copilot. This tool will help us in sailing our boat smoothly. …

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