How Not to Lose Your Mind As a Software Developer

A basic checklist to be followed, for avoiding the mistake that software developer makes, which makes them lonely and suffer from burn out.

So I have been working as a software developer for more than 4 years professionally, but otherwise as well, have experience of what are the common hiccups that a software developer faces, which make them suffer their sanity of working creatively.

This burnout is common especially in software developers since the lifestyle of a software developer becomes focussed towards one thing, that is solving a particular technical problem, which makes them sit for hours without even taking time out, this becomes a serious problem day in day out.

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After discussing it with many other developers, this is something which I was able to find out, its a very common situation, if you are into development or coding, from some time you have definitely faced these scenarios.

Now for beginners/even intermediate level developers, it is very important since these are the one, who yet have to figure out the way of making everything planned. Mostly senior developers, have understood the art of managing the time for coding and other parts of life since it is even mandatory for them to do so since as we age, more responsibility comes on our shoulders, & Oh boy what a feeling it is to successfully manage everything.

So I will highly recommend, talking to someone senior, they will give you a good perspective toward work-life balance, and this will give you the energy to play the game gracefully.

Issues that you will be/are facing

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Now what will happen you will get attached to your system and slowly reduce your time which you might be spending in socialising with your friends or known too. It will make more sense to you that solving one more problem is far better than going out.

But here where the problem starts, now your overall mental growth which was supposed to happen will be hampered since you are not exchanging thoughts or just relaxing by doing the things you love.

This will become a bigger problem since most of your time would spend indoor which will indirectly impact your physical and mental health and might result in some sort of depression(Just saying).

How can we overcome this creativity killer?

1. Make a schedule:

Schedule, book.
Schedule, book.
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Same goes with coding as well, always give dedicated hours to coding, it could be any time of the day, Just make sure, even if you stuck at something or about to finish any task then also make it a habit of not stretching.

Once in a while, it would be needed from you, to work a little more than your routine, but that’s fine and acceptable, but making it a habit would be worst things for you.

Stop working, do something else, just go for a walk, sleep, play some games, do whatever makes you satisfied and love your life.

2. Take breaks:

Snow covered mountains
Snow covered mountains
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So this breaks could be short or long once, like a small day or two outings with your loved once, this could be rewarding as it will help you open up your mind toward a new horizon of life, and trust me you will see your creativity level has improved comparatively.

These breaks will help you understand things differently and who knows you may get your idea for some next big thing :-).

My favourite break is travelling, and for there we can experience something, which makes us happy.

3. Exercise:

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So moving is not always an option, nowadays offices have a standing desk, where you can stand up and work. So changing your position from standing to sitting, vice versa. This is helpful for sure, but not at the cost of you ignoring your exercises completely.

Make at least half an hour daily for doing some physical activity, this is not something very big which is asked for. This physical activity could be anything like jogging, running, walking, gyming playing any sport.

This will help you improve your overall health and you won’t regret it in later part of life when some disease hits you and it becomes very difficult to handle that.

4. Eat Healthily

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Nowadays most of the companies also provide you with lots of snacks, but these snacks are not very good for your health. Since you know “healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. Always go for healthier snacks, avoid the temptation.

A healthy body can only be made by eating right, you can prepare your food beforehand since while you are working you won't be willing to spend any time making food for yourself.

We should always eat healthily, some cheat meal is fine, but eating junk all the time is not good.

These are few points which I feel, normally most of the software developer neglects once they start working, but if you will see some of the senior developers, they know about the importance of these points since having a good work and life make more sense, then just having to work.

If you think any of your friends are facing any of such problem, feel free share this with them.

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