How working in a startup, changed my life ?

This is kind of a personal story for all of you , So that it might help you analyse your choices of joining any organisation.

It was fall of 2016 when I completed my post graduation. I started learning about new programming languages and using all those knowledge I was lucky enough to crack a coding interview in a well known start up called i.e. SODELHI

Yes, Working in SODELHI was a real pleasure. I was among those lucky ones who gets a good job in very early stages of their life.

Firstly let me start with little bit of flashback, when I was a student who was keen on doing new things but have no idea what to do ? How to do ?

Then, once and for all I made up my mind that yes this was enough I will do something a proof myself not to anyone but to me. So here is my overview about a startup life.

How it is to work with a startup ?

To be very frank, It’s an experience in itself, and if your start up is super cool as was mine than there is nothing like it.

So what was the situation with my start , With a cool Co-founders and A very supportive team of 50 young ,hardworking people whom you know personally is a very nice feeling to live with.

Imagine you are with bunch of people and you know them by name and from morning till evening you meet and greet everyone, you feel like home .

Of-course, We can image how its like to work at a place where you are just an another employee and nobody even cares to know’s your name, but are just aware of your existence.

What is there in an startup which is not there in any big organisation ?

First and foremost, you get the ability to make you own decision and nobody’s there to suppress you, There is your team member with whom you can brainstorm on any topic, But you need not to go to those hierarchy of management to implement a simple idea.

Secondly, You can contact anyone ,anytime. You can directly go to you CEO’s room and discuss each and everything which is of-course official and even personal if your relation with him is good

Thirdly, Those office parties are memorable. Every weekend is a party and you can be yourself as no one is judging

What do you gain working in a startup ?

Startups are known for work at your comfort zone. But condition is that if you yourself are a keen learner and want to learn about new thing by yourself than startup is your place.

In a startup you have do development to deployment from zero to end on you own. By this you will learn end to end process which is use full in later run.

In Nutshell, Working in a startup is a lifetime experience which you will never get in any big organisation. Here you will learn and also grow exponentially.

I think everyone should have at-least once in a lifetime worked in a start up no matter at what stage.

Although there may be many big organisation which are working on startup culture. So keep exploring until you find your passion in your work.

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Mindroast 🇮🇳 , Techie 🖥️, Wanderer 🤔, Traveller ✈️ Subscribe to Newsletter: