Javascript : A Brief Overview

Since the date I started working with Javascript( JS) It never failed to astonish me with something new.

It’s loaded with so much functionality and concept which made our coding life easy. It quite simple and won’t take much time to understand but to master it you will be needing lot and lot of practise.

What is Javascript ?

Javascript is basically a Programming language to change html. It helps in adding behaviour to our Web Page

If I could jot it down in simple point it would be we can describe our Web Architecture as

HTML : It can be simply described as Content

CSS: Its used for styling to our html content

JS: It helps in adding Behaviour to our web page.

Position of Javascript in HTML

Javascript should be kept inside <script> tags at the end of the body tag.


It must be at the bottom of you body otherwise it could block rendering of the html dom components. Although your code would run if you put in anywhere but its not recommended

Statements in Javascript

Computer Program is a list of instruction to be executed by compiler . An these instruction are called as Statements


Comments in Javascript

Single Line Comment

Comments in javascript can be written after ‘ // ’

Anything written after // and to the end of a single line will be considered as a comment.

Multiple Line Comment

Any thing inside this will be considered as comment

Functions In Javascript

Function is set of code which is used to perform a task.

( ) : This operator are used to invokes the function

function x () {

// Perform some task or definition of function


x(); // Invoking the function

Objects in Javascript

Object can be described as key:value pair.

Object have object properties and object method

Object Properties

Object Properties : Object property are name and value pair


var car = {type:”Fiat”, model:”500", color: ”white”};

Here Name or key are : type, model, color

Value are: Fiat, 500, white

Object Methods

Object Method :Object Methods are action performed on objects

How to access the object properties

var car = {type:”Fiat”, model:”500", color:”white”};

console.log(‘Type is’,car.type);

or console.log(‘Type is’,car[type]);

//Output will be Type is Fiat

Here is a very brief idea about javascript for any beginner, who is planning to learn javascript.

These concept will give you an brief idea about what you are about to learn Yet advanced tutorial is yet to come where I will try to explain each and every topic deeply.

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Mindroast 🇮🇳 , Techie 🖥️, Wanderer 🤔, Traveller ✈️ Subscribe to Newsletter: