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Table of content
· The Ultimate Reentry
· Strength Regain
· Nutrition
· Steps Counting
· Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Reentry

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Quick Tip: The Maintenance calories are the calories which your body requires to perform regularly activities, moreover we need to be in calorie deficit state to loose fat, that means burning more calories than your body require to function.

Strength Regain

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Quick Tip: Progressive overload is gradual increase of the weights that you are lifting. Lets suppose you perform a chest press with 50 Kg weight for 10 repetition, now increase the weight to 52 Kg and try to get the same 10 Repetition. Try compromising on the repetition with the weight.


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Quick Tips: For a regular person who is not doing much of the exercise should take at least 1 g protein

/kg of their body weight

For those who are doing very high intensity workout(i.e. 7 Days/week) can increase that number 2g per body weight.

Rest of us can calculate based upon our physical activity.

Steps Counting

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Final Thoughts

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