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Reentry of My Strength | All About Routine

An emotional encounter of my muscles and the gym. Keep your tissues ready.

Till now we all have seen the hard side of the pandemic. If a couple of years ago we would have said, that one day all the airlines, industries, shops, offices, everything would be closed on the entire planet, we would have made us look foolish. Most of us had spent a lot of time in our homes, away from our usual routine of going to the office, doing business, visiting gyms, etc. It is really scary that during the pandemic people have lost a lot on their health.

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Table of content
· The Ultimate Reentry
· Strength Regain
· Nutrition
· Steps Counting
· Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Reentry

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Quick Tip: The Maintenance calories are the calories which your body requires to perform regularly activities, moreover we need to be in calorie deficit state to loose fat, that means burning more calories than your body require to function.

Strength Regain

At first, when I restarted the gym, for a couple of days, even the 10 kg dumbbell appeared to be 30 kg. Muscle memory started showing the result, since I was training for good 5 years, it didn’t take me more than a week to regain back my normal strength. So never underestimate the power of a good routine, this will help you for sure.

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Quick Tip: Progressive overload is gradual increase of the weights that you are lifting. Lets suppose you perform a chest press with 50 Kg weight for 10 repetition, now increase the weight to 52 Kg and try to get the same 10 Repetition. Try compromising on the repetition with the weight.


Although, I maintained a proper diet even during the lockdown but became more serious about the protein intake. After seeing my body responding in such a unique manner in the gym. This gave me the motivation to revisit my diet and make some changes in it, as my body became used to the older regime.

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Quick Tips: For a regular person who is not doing much of the exercise should take at least 1 g protein

/kg of their body weight

For those who are doing very high intensity workout(i.e. 7 Days/week) can increase that number 2g per body weight.

Rest of us can calculate based upon our physical activity.

Steps Counting

It was never before that I took walking this seriously, I used to walk here and there but it was not related to following any specific routine. Post lockdown the experience was entirely different, it became my habit of covering at least 10,000 steps in an entire day.

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Final Thoughts

So from my story, you must have got an idea about my routine after the lockdown. If I want to conclude everything in nutshell then I will say, with the proper routine, rest, and diet you can achieve your fitness goals, which can help you live a healthy and prosperous life.

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