Solo Trip ? How it changed my life ?

Solang Valley

My first solo trip to Manali.

I am kind off a self sufficient person can live and enjoy on my own, but this trip taught me that Solo trip is a completely different experience in itself.

Its quiet different from travelling with your buddy or might be family.

You have to make so many crucial decision on your own and there is nobody to guide you. You are own your own planning, exploring, eating and doing what not.

Buy my personal suggestion is at-least for once you should travel solo.

Although on initial day you will feel like what the hell I am doing. But you will get gist of it very quickly.On first night you might feel little down, but after a day spent alone your confidence and excitement level goes up again

Firstly, I felt the season I visited Manali was the peek and there was almost no room availability although I won’t blame anybody for that, It was me who planned it little late. So plan everything accordingly atleast 20 days before.

Actually in that season there were thousand of tourist in Manali making it little noisy, which was not what I expected from the place.

Here are few benefits of solo trip ?

View from my hotel
  1. You get to meet new people and everyone feels like super friendly. Even I met 3 new people whom I am friends with even now.
  2. You have to take that decision where you are more than confused, for reference I took lift from someone which I realised in middle of ride that I shouldn’t. But yes that was also an experience
  3. You can sit and chillax and no body is there to stop you from doing anything
  4. Book a room at some hostel rather than hotel. You will get to meet new traveller, with whom you can share stories.

How can you make you Solo Trips better?

For once if you wanna start with solo trip, you can join some travel group which organise trips with them you can at-least start. After first trip onward you can plan your solo one. But trust me its not hard at all.

Secondly, try to research about the place you are visiting before hand and get a good idea about where you would be, and what would be you itinerary for days you are staying.

Things to remember.

Following are the thing which I feel you should carry with you.

  1. Always carry a good pair of shoes. If you want to explore the place because you have to walk a-lot and explore places
  2. Carry you medication along with you don’t rely on anyone or medical store at that place.
  3. Keep a road map of the place or just download offline map of that place on google map.
  4. Inform someone about your where being, you hotel name, any alternative number if possible.
  5. Carry first aid box with you.
  6. Keep cover for your gadget, to save them, if might rains.
  7. Keep some knife with you for safety, Although it very wild thought still it always good to be safe than sorry.

Yes, it is brief bullet point which I was able to collect from my trip to Manali.

So again I recommend everyone to travel solo, it an amazing feeling.

Keep travelling, keep exploring.

Enjoy some pic I shot at Manali :

Guru Vasishtha Temple

Thanks for reading.

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