Must Investments for a Side Hustle Creators.

Generally, people are skeptical while spending money on things that are not directly proportional to entertainment, mostly the investments are made keeping in mind the end goal i.e. to earn back the money. But what if I tell you some of the investments are not always directly related to money but your health and your lifestyle. You don’t always have to invest money but your time is also something that is getting invested mostly.

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Let us discuss such investments that one can make that can help one earn a fortune.

Online courses.

There are many ways of learning a new thing some of them are having a mentor, reading through various books, blogs, articles. Many people are lucky enough to find a mentor who can teach them the skillset they wanted to learn. There is nothing like having a mentor who plays a role of a personal coach, friend, teacher, and whatnot.

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But if you are not able to get a mentor you can definitely go for an online course. People who have spent a lot of time mastering a particular skill are trying to help others in cultivating the seeds of that skill.

There are various websites available where you can get textual and video forms of the online courses. Some of them are
- Udacity
- Udemy
- Skillshare
- Medium
- YouTube

Most of the time you can get the gold for free but even if the course is paid you are not paying for 5–6 hours of the course but for the years of experience of that mentor who spent his blood/sweat mastering that particular skill and making wonderful courses for us.

Invest some money/time in improving your skills. Money spent there might not be beneficial for you upfront but for sure it will help you in growing since anything you learn will help us become an informed citizens.


We all know that our eyes are our mirror to the world. We spend a lot of time working and using our eyes and not taking proper care of our eyes, it will only harm them. Nobody wants anything wrong to happen so it’s time to start taking care of your eyes.

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One of the top strategies everyone should follow is purchasing a good pair of glasses aided with doing proper eye exercise.

Glasses can be divided into two categories.
The first would be Sunglasses, while going out remember to wear sunglasses as ultraviolet rays from the Sun can harm our eyes. Even on the cloudy day, it would be foolish to say that there are no UV Rays. Spend some money on purchasing good-quality sunglasses that block the ultraviolet rays.

The second scenario would be while you are working digital screen the blue rays that are getting emitted from your laptop, mobile screen. Blue rays can cause a lot of problems like sleeping disorders, blindness in some cases, etc. Once you have appropriate glasses you can also opt for night mode that are mostly available the digital devices. Actually, the night mode help in releasing stress from your eyes by making the screen warmer.

Probably now you must be aware of why you should spend money on purchasing glasses or sunglasses.

Back Protection

Since we all should agree upon this, once we are passionate about something, we sit for hours finishing that task for making dreams come true, and we are also rewarded with back pain.

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We all have a single spinal cord and meshing with our spinal cord can be fatal. Sitting on a chair that has no lumbar, lower back and head support easily result in back and neck pain. And I’m pretty sure that nobody wants that.

It will be worth it if you can spend some money on purchasing a new set of chairs and a proper office table. Still, if you don’t want to spend too much money try getting good qualities cushions that you can place to support your lower back will help your lower back with proper support.

Having the right chair will help you avoid weird setting positions that might hurt your lower back more. Do spend your hard-earned money on setting up your work desk.


We all know about the game of calories, which makes our fitness goals get laid back. We need to track our calories and make sure that we are eating a balanced diet as per our goals.

Just by looking at the food and guessing the calories in it will take you nowhere, although, in the long run, you might be able to estimate the food and calories in it just by looking at it.

But till purchase, a good quality food, weighing scale that helps you and tracking the accurate calories. Invest in a good quality weighing scale along with an app like fitness pal, HealthifyMe.

For tracking your food if you are well aware of the calorie intake then the free version of these apps is good for you. They also provide you with the paid plans that can give you a proper diet based on your Goals.

Being overweight is of no benefit to anyone since it will only make you unproductive. Even if we built our fortune at the cost of our health, will it really count anywhere?

Final Thoughts

Always invest your money and time into such things that can help you learn or earn. Maybe the result you are getting is not spontaneous but if the particular investment making you a knowledgeable person or helping improve your health don’t think twice about spending money on such things. And lastly, money spent on such things is the money well spent.

About The Author

Apoorv Tomar is the Software developer and founder of Mindroast. You can connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.




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Apoorv Tomar

Apoorv Tomar

Mindroast 🇮🇳, Techie 🖥️, Wanderer🤔, Traveller ✈️, Buy me a coffee ☕ Subscribe to Newsletter:

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