Visual Studio Code Extensions for Javascript (Node, ReactJS)

I was always curious to know about extensions which can make my code better and improve my day to day coding experience.

Searched about it on Google and somehow I was able to find out some of these extensions which can save us from that day to day hustle.


WHAT ?Hell yeah…!!!! This is hands down one of the best tool in making your code wonderful

How ? So what it does is it removes all the trailing spaces which you left while writing your code.

All those random enter which you don't even realise. Trailing Spaces remove those useless trailing spaces which is not needed and make you code awesome

TODO Highlight

This is your todo list which helps you in remembering your tasks which you schedule for later reference.

Why do we need TODO Highlight ?

We are human. We like to procrastinate .The task which we leave for later.

We generally end up ignoring/forgetting those task.

With Todo Highlight, we can simply search for your //TODO: and //FIXME: task and can solve before publishing our code.

So in nutshell it's an awesome task manager.


This is pretty good ,which I personally like the most. As most of the times we write a ‘console.log()’

I was not able find out any shortcut for that. I was forced to write console.log each and every time.

But with Javascript console utils we get a shortcut :

Reference: cmd+shift+L, //output console.log(‘Simple yet useful’)


When working with files with lots of lines of code

Jumping becomes very difficult. Bookmarks extension is one stop solution for that.

With bookmarks you can simply can jump from different lines very easily and work with multiple point on your code.

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Mindroast 🇮🇳 , Techie 🖥️, Wanderer 🤔, Traveller ✈️ Subscribe to Newsletter: