What I Have Learnt from My Technical Interviews | Google, Amazon.

A small guide of things not to do in your technical interviews.

The interview is the initial step which you have to clear to reach your dream position, without practicing the art of interviewing you won't be able to flash the interview smoothly.

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Never write random things in your resume

So this incident happened at the start of my career, I didn't know how to interview, what to expect from an interview. Even I was not aware of how to make a good Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume.

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Never be late for your interview

“Arriving late is directly proportional to you losing your chances to get that job.”

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Consider the interviewer as your colleague.

So it is very daunting to sit in for the interview, less experienced you are more are chances that you would be nervous.

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Be Prepared about the Company, Role, and career objective.

This is very crucial, many new bees usually do this blunder, that while going for an interview they tend to neglect to understand what exactly the role is expecting from you.

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Try to solve the problem

This point is more inclined towards a technical interview, but in general, also you can understand something from it. So whenever given a problem to solve, or given a situation. Do not directly say no that you can’t solve it.

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Final thoughts

So an interview is something in which you are showcasing yourself to the world, so it should be your best version. If you have skills and gained relevant experience from certain work, don't hesitate to communicate this with the interviewer. Try to have good communication, be professional, and do not think twice to cross-question the interviewer to understand the problem statement properly. Remember this, never start quarreling with the interviewer, because you are not attending the interview to prove your point, but it is for presenting yourself.

  • Never be late for your interview
  • Consider the interviewer as your colleague.
  • Try to solve the problem

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