Best Work from Home Strategies.

Some of the best practices that can be followed for Work from home.

Work from home is becoming a norm nowadays, as many organizations are moving toward a work from home model. Many people are enjoying it since it is freelancing on steroids.

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Work from home is a great way to be with your family and enjoy work simultaneously. A lot can be done while working from the place you love.
A person can move to mountains, beaches or any other place which they like the most. You can be productive and have fun with your life once you follow the work from home model.

But even after all this hustle, you need to follow some best practices so that you are motivated to work effectively from a place other than your office. Generally, people enjoying work from the home facility can get carried away with lots of other things like household work, personal work, resting too much, etc.

But if done properly you can earn and learn a lot not just money but as experience. You can perform better than in your office environment.

Work from home for many people can have lots of distraction based on their atmosphere at their home which can affect your work from home experience a lot. Let discuss what can be followed so that maximum can be achieved while working from home.

Points which we will be discussing are:

  • Make a dedicated time for work.
  • Take regular breaks, but not too much.
  • Decide on a medium of connecting with your team.
  • Assign a dedicated place for working.
  • Being motivated is the key.
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Either you are working for some organization or as a freelancer, it is equally important for you to make a schedule, by making a schedule you won't get burned out in the process.

The schedule can be defined at a specific time in which you will be working, and after your work time is over just switch to your hobby, this could be walking, running, reading, playing/listening to music, it will keep you motivated/active all year round.
Stretching your work is a common habit most of us have which in turn impacts our lifestyle and also the charisma out of your work from home model.

So it is pretty obvious by the title, that even if you working from home, it should look similar to your office. Taking breaks at equal intervals of time is far better since this will help you rejuvenate. After taking the break you would be working more enthusiastically, with new creative ideas flowing in your mind.

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But some people either don't take a break at all or there are other types which take lots of breaks. So the balance should be maintained at your hand taking a break but the short one is better than either not taking a break at all or taking a break for a longer interval of time.

Taking no break will make you very unproductive and also taking lots of breaks with definitely breaks your creative flow of thoughts. So think wisely.

So you should have a medium of connecting with your team since this is something that is already in place for many teams but having many media of connecting make it worse.

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Now there are many tools that can be used to connect with your team like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft teams, google G-suites(Mainly hangout), etc. If your team has not finalized any tool you should do it since this will help in connecting easily and flawlessly. You don't have to rely on multiple sources to connect with someone. You just have a single medium to connect.

Before choosing a medium keeps this point in mind:

  • It should have a calling facility as well.
  • It should store history for future reference.
  • It should show the status of another user, that is the person online/offline, etc.
  • It should show read status since at least you are aware of whats the status of your message.
  • It should allow you to share files as well.

Having a dedicated place for working is way too important than roaming multiple places. So having a dedicated place does not mean you have to work from a specific place all the time, it will kill the purpose of working from home.

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It is like even if you are on a workcation or working from some remote location, you should for sure that you have a dedicated place to sit where you think there will be no distraction and that could be a backup place one you want peace of mind and want to focus just on your work. Meanwhile, you can work from any part of your house, as you know that there is one place which is out of all the trouble and you can sit and enjoy the focussed time there.

Motivation is the key even if you work from anywhere it is very important that you are motivated all the time. With having a positive outlook toward your work you won't be able to perform with your maximum capacity.

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Yes I get it you can’t be motivated on each and every day of your life but who is saying you to be motivated every day, Obviously there would be some bad days where you might feel like quitting but that day just simple row your boat and other days try to run your motorboat.
Just keep grinding, work your best every day. Try to meet with your friends as being social is equally important since this will help you inflowing thoughts.

Work from home is a blessing in disguise, now with this new setup, you can spend more time with your family and enjoy your work as well. Being productive is also the key, try to follow a healthy lifestyle since now you have more time since your traveling time is reduced significantly.

Even if you are workcation having a schedule is always good since more can be done.

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